Liquor-making industry WNS series gas condensing boiler

Liquor-making industry WNS series gas condensing boiler

Wugu Chun Liquor is a medium-sized professional liquor manufacturer controlled by Wuliangye Group. With the enhancement of environmental awareness in China, a considerable number of local governments have restricted the use of coal-fired boilers. In places where environmental protection policies are more demanding, wineries must use gas-fired steam boilers. However, the cost of gas is relatively high compared to coal combustion. In order to save the operating cost of the boiler, in 2016, Wugu Chun Liquor customized a 6-ton WNS series gas condensing boiler (WNS6-1.25-Q) in Qingdao. WNS series furnace operation automation, the first return, after the fuel is atomized by the burner, the torch formed is filled in the full-wave furnace and transmits the radiant heat through the wall of the furnace; the second return, the high-temperature smoke generated by the combustion The back-combustion chamber is concentrated and turned into the threaded tobacco pipe bundle zone; after the convective heat transfer, the flue gas temperature is gradually lowered to the front smoke box, and then turned into the light pipe bundle zone, and then flows into the chimney through the rear smoke box. And finally discharged into the atmosphere. The boiler's thermal efficiency is as high as 98%, achieving ultra-low NOx emissions. It achieves energy saving and environmental protection requirements for Wuguchun Wine Industry. The annual production capacity of Wuguchun Wine Industry is 32,000 tons.

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Qingdao Happiness Boiler is a well-known enterprise in the boiler industry. Its products are safe, reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and durable. After the installation and commissioning of Qingdao Happiness Boiler professionals, it was quickly put into production, which ensured the smooth development of our brewing production plan.

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