Chemical industry gas steam boiler

Chemical industry gas steam boiler

Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company mainly producing furfural and decyl alcohol. In the production process of furfural and furfuryl alcohol, a large amount of steam is needed for distillation, fractionation, refining and other processes. Therefore, the boiler is an indispensable important equipment of the plant. However, with the continuous advancement of environmental protection policies, the chemical industry has been highly concerned by the Environmental Protection Agency as a heavily polluting industry. In order to comply with various national emission regulations, Zhonghao Chemical urgently needs to purchase an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly steam boiler. With more than 30 years of manufacturing boilers, Qingdao Happiness Boiler has won the trust of Zhonghao Chemical. Qingdao Happiness Boiler recommended a 25t/h gas steam boiler according to its actual situation (SZS25-1.6 -Q). The boiler is a typical high-efficiency and low-consumption environment-friendly boiler. The boiler body adopts a "D" shape structure, one side is the furnace, one side is the convection heating surface, the body heating surface reaches 285.24 m2, the radiation heating surface is sufficient; the tail adopts the spiral The fin condenser reduces the exhaust gas temperature, and the thermal efficiency is up to 98%. The furnace space is large, and the most advanced low-nitrogen burner at home and abroad can easily achieve the ultra-low emission requirement of 30mg/Nm3 or less, and the environmental protection performance is excellent.

Client feedback

Qingdao thermal energy equipment is indeed a company that can consider and actually solves problems for customers. After the recommended gas steam boiler is put into use, the indicators such as nitrogen oxides and soot in the exhaust gas are in compliance with national standards. Moreover, the fuel combustion is very sufficient and the thermal efficiency is very high, which saves us fuel cost to some extent. And from the pre-sales to after-sales professional services also left a very deep impression on us. 

gas steam boiler

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