Pharmaceutical industry gas condensing boiler

Pharmaceutical industry gas condensing boiler

Steam boilers are essential equipment in the pharmaceutical process, providing a large amount of steam for sterilization, drying, tableting and other steps. At present, China's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has initially formed a rapidly developing industrial space pattern with the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea as the core, the Pearl River Delta, and the Northeast and other central and eastern regions. In addition, Henan, Chongqing, and Hubei in the central region, and Sichuan in the western region have already had a good industrial base. Compared with other industries, pharmaceutical plants have higher requirements for steam systems, and their share of energy consumption is also relatively large. At present, China's energy conservation and emission reduction policies put forward higher requirements for some equipment and production conditions of pharmaceutical companies. How to reduce energy consumption as much as possible under the premise of meeting production requirements has become a problem for many pharmaceutical companies. Among them, the boiler plays a vital role as one of the equipment for pharmaceutical production.

Established in 1996, Heilongjiang Jiren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of traditional Chinese medicine. There are five automatic production lines of capsules, tablets, suppositories, granules and teas with international advanced level. The national environmental protection awareness has been continuously improved, and many environmental protection policies have been introduced one after another. The use of boilers has been subject to many restrictions. In response to the national “coal to gas” policy, Jiren Pharmaceutical decided to introduce a gas-fired steam boiler. Qingdao Happiness Boiler Company has won the trust of Jiren Pharmaceutical by virtue of its strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the actual needs of customers, we have recommended two 6t / h WNS series gas condensing boiler (WNS6-1.25-Q). This boiler is a typical high-efficiency and low-cost environmentally friendly boiler: a large diameter corrugated furnace is used. The fuel is fully burned; the condenser and the economizer are added to the tail of the flue gas, the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 60 degrees, and the thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more; and the most advanced ultra-low nitrogen burner at home and abroad is used to easily realize ultra-low NOx. Emission requirements.


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In recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to environmental protection. As a company that keeps pace with the times, we have implemented a coal-to-gas project in response to national environmental protection requirements. However, it is also a headache for the selection of boiler suppliers. Finally, after many comparisons and inspections, we chose Qingdao Happiness Boiler. It turns out that Qingdao Happiness Boiler really lives up to expectations. The recommended boiler has fully met our needs after running and using it. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly and has high thermal efficiency. It saves us the fuel cost to a certain extent, and the exhaust gas is discharged. The test complies with national environmental emission regulations.


gas condensing boiler

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