Steel industry Dual fuel (gas&pulverized coal) steam boiler

Steel industry Dual fuel (gas&pulverized coal) steam boiler

Huakang Paper Co., Ltd. is a large-scale papermaking company integrating R&D, production and sales. It has five modern paper production lines. Due to fierce competition in the papermaking industry, how to effectively control and reduce production costs under the premise of ensuring product quality is a key issue for paper companies to survive in the competition. In 2017, Huakang Paper cooperated with Qingdao Happiness Boiler to renovate the existing boiler room, equipped with a 20-ton condensing gas steam boiler (SZS20-1.6-Q), and no new land or new plant. Qingdao Happiness Boiler, as the preferred boiler manufacturer in the paper industry, combined with the process equipment conditions of Huakang Paper, customized the boiler with a rated evaporation of 20t/h. The boiler body adopts a “D” shape structure, one side is The furnace and one side are convective heating surfaces, and the heating surface of the body reaches 271.50 m2. The partition wall and the front and back walls around the furnace body, the furnace and the convection area adopt the membrane wall structure, the furnace design pressure is ≥6000Pa, and the furnace body is used for outsourcing. The full frame structure reduces the connection between the frame and the drum, minimizing the heat loss caused by heat conduction, and the boiler thermal efficiency is over 98%. In the case of burning the same amount of fuel, the maximum is reduced for Huakang Paper. Fuel costs.

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The annual output of Huakang Paper is more than 100,000 tons. The 20-ton gas-fired boiler purchased from Qingdao Happiness Boiler is a typical high-efficiency environmental protection and energy-saving boiler. At present, we have used the SZS series of 20-ton gas-fired boilers of Happiness Boiler for nearly one year, and the operating cost is low and the combustion is clean. It turns out that we have chosen Qingdao Happiness Boiler.

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