Before 20190701, the ordered customers will enjoy the following preferential policies:

I. Up to 24 months free warranty,18 months long warranty period, If customers send the picture, video and objective evaluation of the product operation and well running during the use period, and get a 6-month extended warranty again. Accessories are provided free of charge during the warranty period.

II. Provides 300+ USD of furnace tools and worker uniform.

III.90% payment, the remaining 10% of the balance as a quality guarantee, paid after 6 months after the overall operation of the boiler, if the customer defaults after the expiration, the loss of after-sales service rights after 6 months.

IV. All spot models are sold at a 10% discount. The superimposed payment terms, equivalent to a 20% discount, will allow our boilers to be put into production for you.

V.Saving extra 1500usd,15 days free of engineer for The installation of 4-20T/H boilers, 10days free under 4T/H boilers.